Organic Mandya Desi A2 Milk (500 ML)

Organic Mandya Desi A2 Milk (500 ML)

Rs. 45.00
Organic Mandya

We are delighted to inform you that Organic Mandya Desi A2 Cow Milk is available to buy here.

Over the past two years, we have earned the trust of thousands of happy consumers drinking healthy cow milk. Our farmers use traditional, non-exploitative ‘Dohan’ process. The milk is of Hallikar and Malnad Gidda breeds (native to South Karnataka), which is especially good for women and infants.

The Desi A2 Milk is sourced from farmers around Coorg. We aren't a traditional dairy firm that owns 1000s of cows and keeps the profits. Our whole ethos lies in giving fair share to our farmers.

You'd be pleased to know that as much as 40% of our cows are forest-fed, which means our cows don't consume factory-made or even hand-made fodder. Cow, being one of the most emotionally intelligent animals, chooses (yes!) and chews on grasses and herbs in the forest side.

Unlike Regular Pasteurized milk that removes much needed micro-nutrients, Desi A2 Milk needs a different kind of care. We've combined ingenuity of our own findings with the standard checkpoints to safeguard the quality of the milk and ensure it reaches to you in the freshest condition possible. From your side, just like how our Moms used to do it, once you get the milk, you need to store it in the Ice Compartment of your Fridge or boil it (that is, if you aren't keeping it in the Fridge).

Save Desi Cows!

The Regular Milk you are probably consuming (we don't want to name names!) contains low-quality and harmful A1 proteins sourced from genetically modified cows fed with processed and contaminated food. You see, to be called a Cow, at least in Indian Subcontinent, the Cow must have a hump.

The Jersey and Holstein Friesian Cattle cannot be called Cows, they do give some 30 upwards liters of milk, but it's known to cause all kinds of Lifestyle Diseases. In India, before 80's, no one had Lactose Intolerance, but due to our shortsightedness, we brought this foreign cattle over here, just to enhance the Milk Production and ever since, there have been a steep rise in diseases related to Gut and Brains.

Desi Milk is how milk used to be and how it's meant to be — healthy & wholesome!

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