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We only deliver in Bengaluru and Mandya, at the moment.
We only deliver in Bengaluru and Mandya at the moment.

B Farm Tulsi Powder 100gms

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Original price Rs. 190.00
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Tulsi Powder is made from the leaves of Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), which is popularly known by the name Holy Basil. This herb is predominantly found in South Asia and has been used as a key ingredient by Ayurveda practitioners of India for ages. Its powerful antibacterial and other nutritional properties make it one of the best cosmetic ingredients of recent times. You will find this powder in many beauty care and anti-ageing applications these days.

Tulsi Powder is used to make herbal teas; it comes in a fine powdered form and has a typical herbal aroma that positively influences your respiration. In addition, Tulsi Leaf Powder cleanses your skin deeply to remove dirt, dust, and other toxins from your skin pores. It also removes the excess oil from the skin and proves to be the best for oily skin individuals. The color of tulsi powder is light green, and it blends with many herbal powders and natural ingredients.

It is widely used in DIY skin treatments like Face creams, lotions, skin protection creams, sunscreens, face masks, shampoos, conditioners, and hair oil can contain Organic Tulsi Powder as one of the active ingredients. Only the highest quality and purity standards are employed to provide the best quality products to our customers. In addition, Tulsi leaves powder promotes optimal function of the lungs and heart, removes excess kapha from lungs and upper respiratory tract, promotes clear, comfortable breathing.