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We only deliver in Bengaluru and Mandya, at the moment.
We only deliver in Bengaluru and Mandya at the moment.

Jaggery Powder (1 KG)

Original price Rs. 165.00 - Original price Rs. 165.00
Original price Rs. 165.00
Rs. 165.00
Rs. 165.00 - Rs. 165.00
Current price Rs. 165.00

Jaggery is unrefined natural sugar that is produced from sugarcane, without adding any chemicals. India accounts for more than 70% of total world jaggery production. It is popularly known as the “medicinal sugar” and is nutritionally comparable with honey. It has been used as a sweetener in Ayurvedic medicine for 3000 years. Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes in the body, stimulates bowel movements and thus helps prevent and relieve constipation. It detoxes the liver and treats flu-like symptoms. It has the ability to purify the blood. It boosts immunity and also helps increase the total count of haemoglobin in the blood. It efficiently cleans the respiratory tract, lungs, intestines, stomach and food pipe and eases menstrual pain. Jaggery also boosts intestinal strength due to its high magnesium content. It cools the stomach by maintaining normal body temperature. It controls blood pressure, prevents respiratory problems and relieves joint pains. It helps in weight loss by building muscles and boosting metabolism. It is a good source of energy and helps prevent fatigue and weakness of the body.