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Browntop Millet (500 GM)

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Brown top millet (Brachiaria ramosa) is known locally as pedda-sama in Telugu and korle in Kannada. It is mostly cultivated in S.India, specifically in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu states. Brown top millet is also grown and consumed in limited quantities in north central India, i.e., Bundelkhand. Browntop millet is not only nutritious but also very delicious. It has the highest amount of maximum digestable fibre content among the millets. Brown top millet is gluten free and rich in essential nutrients. It is a rich source of natural fibre, when compared to other grains. Korale contains about 12.5% fibre due to which it serves as medicine for dealing with life style diseases. Lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcer and hyperglycemia (diabetes) are reported among those who regularly consume millets.