Navara Rice (1KG) — Organic Mandya

Navara Rice (1KG)

Rs. 175.00
Organic Mandya

Navara is a Sastika rice /Shashti Sali (that which matures in 60 days) variety of Kerala rice. It is red rice in colour, rich in antioxidants and has two or three times as much zinc and iron than white rice. When cooked navara rice is slightly sweet in taste with a trace of astringency in it. It is easily digestible and a good weaning food for infants, particularly those with low body weight. Navara rice gruel made in cow’s milk improves lactation and is good for patients with anemia. Ayurveda suggests it as an ideal food for people suffering from emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, tuberculosis, oligospermia and for improved lactation. Navara rice can be used to make kanji, porridge, payasam, red puttu,samba dosa, etc.

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